Steam Blends

Steaming is not a one size fits all service; therefore, each steam is designed to the individuals  healing  need. Listed below are the types of steams we offer and a brief description of the healing they provide. Don’t see a blend that fits you, we can create a special blend made just for you.

Her Blends

IUD Blend - A gentle blend that rejuvenates women with IUD implant.

Mild Blend - Our mildest blend promotes a regular cycle, improves pH balance with a gentle cleanse that strengthens the uterus. The perfect blend for teens and women who are prone to sensitivity.

PMS Blend - Reduce symptoms such as pain, bloating, exhaustio, releases stored emotions and anxiety. The perfect blend for women who experience painful periods.

Rejuvenate, Restore, Refresh Blend - Promotes peace,healing, positivity, love and deeply connects you with your feminine energy. This blend is like a one size fits all and Rejuvenates Your Essence.

His Herbs

A Steam Blend - Promotes healthy prostate, detoxifies, reduces muscle tension, lactic acid and inflammation for athletes.

Mars Blend - Stimulates and regulates testosterone, boosts endurance for an intimate night with that special someone.

Premium Steam Herbs

Fertility Blend - Strengthens and tones the uterus lining, releases old lining, increases circulation to reproductive organs and prepares room for pregnancy. The perfect blend for baby making preparation.

Freakem Cleanse - Out with the old in with the new; with a rejuvenated new kewchie too. The perfect blend to reset your kewchie for a new lover.

Juicy Kewchie Blend - A gentle blend that will leave you rejuvenated and moist.  The perfect blendto help get your natural juices flowing.

Kewchie Freshner - This blend will combat any unpleasant odors or smells that attribute to having a vagina. The perfect blend to rejuvenate your vaginal scent.

Venus Blend - Tone and tighten your yoni for a fun night with that special someone with this intimacy boosting blend. The perfect blend for a special night with that special someone.

Personalized Blend - A blend created specifically for your yoni.